What this is all about

A while ago I made a post where I briefly mentioned Ed Kann and his cult hit The Noise Coming from Inside Children. The story is legendary for its extreme creepiness and I just assumed that others out there would have heard of it too. I admit that somewhere in the back of my mind I was probably hoping that others would be more familiar with him and his work. I guess I assumed that since I had heard of this artist and I didn't know him personally that he must have at least some amount of fame.

This turned out to be untrue. At first people seemed to ignore my anomalous mention of this strange author entirely. A few people began to ask who he was, and others responded with Google searches trying to identify exactly who I was talking about. A few different Ed Kann's were found online, but no mention was found of the disturbing story. No trace at all was found of any authors going by the name Ed Kann.

People eventually assumed I had made him up. They believed that, for some reason, I had nonchalantly invented an entire person and book as some kind of strange lie. I was accused of attempting to perpetrate a hoax. I wanted to produce evidence to the contrary, but I had never before had any interest in this person and was no better at internet detective work than the next person, and certainly no better than masses of determined internet users. I had nothing to show them, at the time.

Some time passed and I didn't give it much thought. I felt embarrassed for somehow having no way to back up such a simple claim. Still, I knew that Ed Kann was a real person; I had distinct memories of seeing both his name and the title of his work. To my knowledge I am not an insane person, so I must assume these memories are reliable.

What interested me most, though, was not evidence for Ed Kann's existence, but rather the lack of evidence. How can an entire person and their work fade so quickly? In this age can dozens of people searching the entire internet really fail to find a single mention of a living, breathing person (assuming he is still living)?

I suppose this must be true for some people. Good luck finding an Amish person using a Google search. Certainly there must be other recluses out in the world who have never used a computer. But Ed Kann was an artist with a published work. Which brings me to my most important point.

Even more intriguing than the disappearance of a person is the disappearance of a major work of art. I know many great films were lost in the last century due to negligence and apathy. Who knows how many orated stories were lost to time, or even how many manuscripts were lost forever in acts of senseless destruction, such as the burning of the Great Library. Regardless, I believed such a concept - the complete annihilation of a piece of information - to be a thing of the past.

I know that there exists a book titled The Noise Coming from Inside Children. My goal is simple: track down a copy of the text. Every thing I know about it indicates that it was a horror story, and a particularly disturbing one at that. I believe if enough people look, information will be recovered. It may be in the back room of a used book store, it may be on some old disused laptop. But it must be somewhere.

Send any info to whoiseddkann@gmail.com. If you send me something that has to do with Ed Kann or his stories I will post it here. I will also post any personal findings as well.

Thanks everyone. I believe when this is done we will have one very creepy story to enjoy.


  1. Neither the above mentioned email address by the poster of this "blog" exists nor is any of the information factual. This is a hoax. Not even sure why anyone would bother going through the trouble.

  2. Ed you should have written both and still can make $$$ off this. What are you so dense you don't see the potential here? Seems like a easy payout, unless you can't write well enough to live up to the hype.

  3. I would like to bring your attention to the following facts:

    1. Relating to Ed Kann, I found out that he was a former member of the development team for the Nintendo RPG game "The Secret Of Evermore", but was fired eventually due to his inability to "fit in".

    To quote from the blog http://rainwoodworks.blogspot.in/ :

    "That he didn't fit in makes sense: Kann later gained temporary cult status for his disturbing short story The Noise Coming from Inside Children. Since Evermore was rated K-A and had a rather carefree story, the involvement from such a dark author was clearly out of

    It is clear that whoever Ed Kann was/is, he must have been associated /is associated with game development.

    So, I begin an exhaustive Google search.

    2. It seems that I've got some clue: I stumbled upon a website that speaks about a tabletop RPG named "BlueHolme:The Mystery On The Hill", and guess what- credits are given to Michael Thomas (of Dreamscape Designs www.dreamscapedesign.net) and Ed Kann, who is mentioned as the writer.

    Probably Michael Thomas (who can be easily contacted through the foresaid website) can provide some clue?

    Here's the link to the article for reference: https://tabletop.events/conventions/koboldcon-20181/schedule/97

    Also, you stopped posting after November 2010. What's through? You alive yet?