Ok, this is harder than I thought it would be.

A decent sum of people have e-mailed me claiming that they too are familiar with the author and his work. Even if you have no evidence, this is encouraging and I appreciate it. It's good to know that I'm not crazy and just completely making this up. Again I encourage people to try and find actual evidence and send it in.

Still, something has me worried: a couple of people, two so far to be precise, have told me that not only were they familiar with the author but that they could actually get a copy of his book. I was ecstatic. One actually included the story in the body of his e-mail. The other produced it upon request a few days later.

I found it slightly odd that both stories were completely transcribed with no photos. I found it slightly odder that the two stories were completely different. In fact, one was a full three pages longer than the other. Both were poor, amateur excuses for short horror fiction. One actually ended with the writer descending into simply mashing gibberish onto the page.

Ed Kann is not a figment of my imagination, and is certainly not an excuse to write bad horror. It is nice that people are fascinated by the story, but that is not a good reason to bury it in even more misinformation and crap writing. Even though some may believe Ed Kann is a hoax I certainly do not, and I would appreciate people not making my case even harder by taking part in hoaxes based on this page. This is an actual, if grass roots, investigation.

Obviously I enjoy a good story as much as anyone, evidenced by the fact that I am currently hunting one down. Still, the entire reason I am having difficulty finding it, and the reason that it may in fact be lost forever, is because so many people insist on diluting the truth with their own rumors.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way I have some good news. A woman e-mailed me a couple of days ago saying that she might have tracked down a copy of the book. Her brother runs a used book store in Colorado, and after reading my posts she contacted him to ask if he had heard of it or could get a hold of it. He hadn't, but he offered to call around to other store owners he knew to see if he could track it down.

It took weeks, but apparently he found a copy owned by a store in Washington. The woman, Jenn, said the book is on its way to her house at this very moment! It should arrive within a few days. She's already offered to do a full scan of the work, and even offered to sell it to me for a very reasonable price.

So we may be reaching the end of this search. I figured if I could get enough people looking then I would get results, but even this was faster than I expected. Never doubt the power of the internet, or of people. Obviously I'll post scans or any other information as soon as I get them. Stay tuned!


  1. Whatever dude.

    Your hoax is pretty cool. It's plausible, certainly. But with no evidence of this Ed Kann having ever existed or even working for Square USA, and indeed he would show up SOMEWHERE if he was indeed a published author, trying to keep the lie up is eventually going to fall apart.

    You should just be proud of the fact you came up with such a bad ass story title. "The Noise Coming from Inside Children" sounds like it would be an interesting read; even if written under a pseudonym for a fake author.

  2. If someone is still monitoring this site, please contact me.

  3. So... Did this ever go anywhere? I just found out about this story today, it's be a shame to never get an answer to the mystery.

  4. He should get a private eye detective to hunt down the reviewer of the book "The Noise Coming from Inside Children" his name should be in the magazine easy lead right there and he read the whole book. Hire a psychiatrist and hynotise him to orate the story. Have a typist punch them in a word processor laptop. bingo. You have your story. Publish it on web page for all to download and read. I don't see why it's so difficult. He has a name social security number birth records etc. First off people with deep pockets can crowd fund the detective and everything else free of charge. All he has to do is scan the magazine publish the scanned images on this website for all to see. We"ll do the rest. For crying out loud he should have shown us pictures of the magazine to begin with. *Shaking my head at this dumbass*

  5. fake email address, no response in 8 years, almost certainly a hoax. -.- i am annoyed by this.